What are neuromodulators?

Neuromodulators are medications used to weaken or stop muscle movements that cause facial lines and wrinkles, thus giving a smoother, more youthful appearance. Neuromodulators are proteins made from Botulinum toxin. People casually use the term “Botox” to describe all neuromodulators, though Botox is a registered trademark that one company owns. Other effective brands of neuromodulators used for the same purpose are Jeuveau, Xeomin, and Dysport.

Neuromodulator treatments are injections that usually take between 15 to 30 minutes in the office. They are a safe and effective cosmetic procedure with minimal side effects and recovery time. Injections take about 3-14 days to have their maximum effect and last about 3-4 months.

What things should you consider before undergoing botox-type injections?

Before booking undergoing your treatments, there are a few things you should keep in mind in:

Choose your medical professionals

It is important to choose medical professionals who understand facial anatomy and can walk you through the risks and benefits of neuromodulators.

Our team can advise you of the best treatments for the results you are looking for within your particular budget. Our goal is to have you looking your most natural best!

Don’t just go for bargains:

When it comes to your appearance, you don’t want to bargain-hunt for just the cheapest neuromodulator injections. In some cases, you could come across diluted dosages of product or the quality of the neuromodulator could be compromised.

Safety is a priority in our office and we pride ourselves on the quality of both our care and products.

Keep realistic expectations:

It is important to manage your expectations of what treatments can do for you and what upkeep you are willing to do. Neuromodulators can treat “dynamic lines,” lines caused by repetitive muscle movement, but cannot completely erase “static lines,” wrinkles caused by gravity, the loss of fat and collagen, and the loss of the skin’s elasticity. However, early treatment of dynamic lines can help prevent lines from becoming permanent wrinkles.

Be sure to discuss with our providers what the expected number of treatments are in order to keep you looking your best. Some clients undergo procedures a couple times a year to look refreshed before events, but other may prefer to maintain their look all year round. In those cases, client prefer to visit our office 5 to 6 times a year.

Let our qualified providers help you decide what plan is best for you, in order to meet your goals!

Pre & Post-treatment care tips

BE SURE TO READ OUR PRE AND POST NEUROMODULATOR TREATMENT PAGE UNDER OUR AESTHETICS FORMS TAB. Don’t hesitate call and ask any questions you may have! Our providers are happy to address concerns and to help you be prepared for upcoming treatments.